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Interview Questions

Going to the technical interview is always a big challenge and great experience for me (I should mention, I’ve been at < 5 interviews for all of my life). Here I’m posting Interview questions, I’ve been asked at these meetings. I’ve been noticing unique question’s after each interview and I wrote them down to my Evernote so I could methodize and teach them in the future. I will update this list, once I’ve been asking for new ones.

Understanding Decorator’s in Python

Bellow is the answer from the StackOverflow community wiki which explain’s python decorators in the clear manner. I’ve decided to have it in my bookmarks here as It is the best explanation that I’ve seen before. It is especially useful for the devs that haven’t used decorator’s before

Proxylocal - Share Your Local Web Server via Internet

ProxyLocal is a tool that runs on the command line, It could proxy your local web-server and make it publicly available over the internet. Really usefull tool for showing demos with local access to the server.

Assume you are running your local web-server on port 8069. To make it publicly available run:

$ proxylocal 8069 --host demo32
Local server on port 8069 is now publicly available via:

Git: Find Out Who Broke Functionality

Not so far ago I came accross an issue when I noticed that functionality that was worked previously is broken at the moment and is not working (Yes, I know we should use regression testing but at the moment we are implementing it). —To be continued—

Calculating Working Days With Python.

So the specification is following:

We need to calculate number of working days between two dates - it mean’s we need to calculate all days excluding Saturday and Sunday. If the function is running after 6:00 pm this working day need to be also excluded.