Nazarii Gudzovatyi

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Interview Questions

Going to the technical interview is always a big challenge and great experience for me (I should mention, I’ve been at < 5 interviews for all of my life). Here I’m posting Interview questions, I’ve been asked at these meetings. I’ve been noticing unique question’s after each interview and I wrote them down to my Evernote so I could methodize and teach them in the future. I will update this list, once I’ve been asking for new ones.


  • Abstract class
  • Metaclass
  • old-style classes vs new classes
  • Decorators, usage, @staticmethod, @classmethod
  • List comprehensions & generators, differences
  • Context managers
  • Multithreading (Mutex/Semaphore/Lock/RLock)
  • Sockets
  • Http methods
  • Setuptools
  • Magic methods: When is def call() used?
  • new() method? Why is it for? When called? Difference to init().
  • slots: why for and when used;
  • frozenset
  • global local
  • Http methods (When POST and GET are used?)
  • REST
  • JSON
  • Python – serialisation (pickle)
  • Methods overloading
  • How to see all inheritance order (mro)
  • x = A(); type(a); isinstance(x, A)
  • def test(self, l=[]): print l
  • OrderedDict
  • Introspection (inspect, dir())
  • Debugging/Profiling (pdb, cProfile)
  • Write regexp to find all floats in string

Unix & Networking

  • How to find the file?
  • How to search in the file?
  • Get dynamic output from the file.
  • Kill all python processes
  • Kill vs kill -9
  • Sigterm, signals
  • pop3 vs IMAP
  • What is IP?
  • Http protocol
  • What is HEAD http request for?
  • Client want’s to use only GET requests in his REST-API, will you agree? What will you advice?
  • TCP vs HTTPS
  • UDP vs TCP
  • How does SSL works
  • Apache vs nginx; configuration
  • REST
  • Bash scripting
  • Creating unix service/daemon
  • Process vs Thread: differences


  • Normalisation
  • ACID
  • Primary key/Foreign key/ Indexes
  • Subquery vs Join speed
  • SQL Search algorithm: get 499 element from 1000
  • Inner, Outer, Left, Right Joins
  • SQL many2many relationship
  • SQL Group by vs HAVING
  • What does ‘No SQL’ mean? Why do is it different from relational DB?
  • NoSQL vs SQL: use cases, differences.


  • OOP principles, examples.
  • Design patterns
  • What is ‘prototype’ in JS?
  • Hash table
  • Continuous integration
  • Functional & Non-functional requirements
  • Agile principles
  • Estimation process: How does it look?
  • What is MVC? Why do we need to separate View from business logic?
  • GIL – what is it? How doee it work’s?